Richard Williams and Chris Sparages formed Williams & Sparages to serve the needs of residential and commercial construction and development in New England. With over 45 years of combined civil engineering experience in the region, you probably drive, shop or reside where Williams & Sparages provided engineering services.

For developers and builders, Williams & Sparages has the local expertise and experience to navigate the complexities of the permitting process for any size project.

For homeowners, your home projects often require permits that may be unfamiliar to you. Williams & Sparages can provide personal service to guide you through your project, from start to finish.

For attorneys and financial institutions, Williams & Sparages provides fast, comprehensive services for due diligence reviews in P&S agreements, ALTA/ ASCM Surveys for loan underwriting, land development permitting, as well as support for local zoning filings.

For community administrators, as independent peer-review consultants, Williams & Sparages brings experience and objectivity to meet the needs of your community.